Early this morning there was a very concerning occurrence over in the north area of the country of Chile. In fact, an earthquake was detected there and the final measurement of it was recorded down as having been 4.9 level on the richter measurement scaling system. There is actually a classification system that designates different earthquakes and tremors into a category of strength and severity. This particular one that happened in the north this morning was placed into the category of medium in the intensity level of it. According to people on the ground studying these phenomena, the quake took place at very much precisely the time of 0059 hours according to the 24 hours clock. There is a place that specializes in the recording of such data called the National seismological central organisation. They found out from their instruments for measuring this stuff that the middle of the quake was probably around abouts 50 mile south to south west of the town of cuya and that the epicenter was actually around forty three kilometers into the ground as well.

Thankfully, no human beings, animals, live stock or buildings, houses or infrastructure has been negatively affected by the quake that took place in the area. In addition to this, no services or anything like that have been disrupted at all. Also, the shoa agency that is normally bought in to give comment had to come out and reassure everyone that a quake of this type and nature does not actually run the risk of triggering a tsunami that pushes massive waves into the land from the ocean.

In addition to the richter scale, which is a very interesting measure indeed, other specialists on the topic also analyzed data from Mercalli scale measurements and data that looked at the impact of the quake in a whole variety of localities in the northern region of the country. Between all of the different towns that took their interest there was quite a bit of variation in the strength and impact of how the quake affected the people there. It was recorded as having been a 2 classification in Arica and parincotta, while in Tarapace and Iquique it was actually a 5. So therefore there was interestingly a lot of variation depending on where you were living at the time it all took place.

Then later on the onemi institute was interviewed to see what they would say about the whole situation. They actually set out to remind everyone in the public that when ever something like this is to happen particularly with earthquakes that everybody on the ground needs to stay calm, relaxed and carry on their work. They also gave some good practical advise on how to protect yourself from the dangers of such an event. They said it is a good idea to go underneath a strong type of table, or a wall that is reinforced and to keep yourself from going near dangerous windows that have glass that can shatter and smash all over you. They also cautioned those of you who might find your self outdoors while this is all occurring. They said to try to move yourself away from say buildings or structures like that and also don’t stand under any sort of power lines. For those of you who happen to be near to sea and ocean it is really crucial to make sure you are at a Tsunami safety area, which are usually located at the highest ground in the area.