The last leader of the country of Chile has just been promoted to the position of asian ambassador for Chile. This area of the world in fact contains some of Chile’s most important and lucrative partners in trade and business affairs. This announcement was actually well made by the minister for foreign affairs Mr Munoz.

One of his main overarching responsibilities will be to run the day to day of all of the various embassies that Chile has around the asian region. Mr Munoz the foreign affairs minister went on to say that this is very important and relevant to the interests of the nation of chile on the global stage. He said that the former president will also be required to go to various work shops, meetings, conferences, lectures, seminars, vists official people along the way and myriad other duties and activities while in his official post at the asia and pacific region.

In fact, the nation of chile has its 3 largest export partners in and around the asian pacific area of the world. The main trading partners here are China, America and Japan with South Korea trailing in fourth. Each year it does an estimated 18 billion dollars with China, 9 billion with the US and Japan and another 5 with South Korea. This is all according to data pulled from the research conducted on the matter by the university of masechusetts over there in the united states of america.

While he was in his post as the Presidential elect of the nation of Chile from 1994 until the year of 2000 Mr Frei made a lot of new and exciting trade deals and forged strong economic treaties and partnerships. He opened up free trade with various nations including Canada, a whole variety of central american nations, as well as Mexico. He would also sign up to the trading network named Mercosur. This is essentially a grouping of countries that trade together. These other places include Venezuala, BRazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Working very hard on the economic situation in his country Frei also made sure he signed them up and cooperated with the world trade organisation or wto, and the asia pacific economic cooperation also known as apec.

Following the conclusion of his tenure, Frei was then given the award and privellage of being a life long senator. This used to be awarded to ex presidents after they had finished their post. However, they have since scrapped this deal. Then fast forward a little longer to the year of ’06 and he actually won an election for the head of the senate and upper house. Frei would then have reached the similar kinds of heights also enjoyed by his own father who back in his time actually was also president of the country, a tenure that spanned all the way from back in 1964 through to the year of 1970. Just like him, Frei would then pass on the presidential sash to the next leader none other than Ms Bachelet when she would serve for the very first time between the years of 2006 and through to 2010, which was the year her term came to an end. Also just like his father Frei was considered to be a very well decorated christian democrat.